Creativity and the developmentally disabled

Creativity and the developmentally disabled is addressed in this project through: (a) a review of literature presenting major issues and problems in creativity research, and (b) an audio-visual presentation documenting a creativity training program for developmentally disabled individuals. Two of the major issaes of general creativity studies which are also of interest. to researchers of creativity, as it relates to the developmentally disabled, are: (a) the relationship of creativity to intelligence and (b) training or education for creativity. The photoqraphic method utilized to document a creativity development. program for developmentally disabled individuals revealed the presence of creative ability in low functioning developmentally disabled individuals and also provided. a measure of educational, social, emotional, and behavioral progress made by these individuals during the creativity training program. Research findings indicating ths presence of creative potential in all human beings, regardless of measured levels of intelligence, were supported through the results of this project. Implications of these findings to educational programs are discussed. It is recommended. that the audio-visual materials developed in this project be used in staff training sessions designed to create or heighten an awareness, on the part of teachers and other staff, of their role in the recognition and nurturance of the creative potential in developmentally disabled individuals.