Work health promotion project

Work-site health promotion is an organized and ongoing effort, supported by an employer for the purpose of benefiting business and improving employee health. Health promotion encourages employees to take responsibility for their own health. The work-site is an ideal setting to affect lifestyle changes and encourage positive health behaviors. The purpose of this project is to: 1) identify employee health needs of a company interested in a work-site health promotion program, 2) develop a directory of health promotion services through which employers can identify health promotion resources that provide activities for their employees. A needs assessment was used to determine the health needs of the employees of a business. The survey consisted of a cover letter and questionnaire that contained open-ended and forced choice questions. The work-site needs assessment yielded a 75 (N=Sl) percent response rate. Physical fitness and stop smoking programs were of the greatest interest to employees. Employees stated they would be willing to contribute 10 to 20 dollars to pay for each health promotion activity. Company employees were not only interested and willing to participate in programs, but were motivated to spend their own free time and money in work-site wellness activities. A directory of health promotion service providers was developed from a survey of health promotion providers in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties (N=397). Returned surveys (N=l21) provided information including a brief description of health services offered, contact person, fees, and hours. This community of service providers sees a need for a health promotion directory to be used by employers.