Traditional Pedagogy:"� Contexts For Modern Thinking And Practice

Children are wired to learn from their parents through imitation and observation. Learning environments in hunter-gatherer societies offer a glimpse of pedagogy that may be more in tune with human biology (Konner, 2005). Wrought through millions of years of natural selection, natural pedagogy may possibly be inherent in human DNA. The goal of this thesis was to evaluate the response of a select group of teachers and parents when presented with information about the benefits of natural pedagogy. With this objective, three blog posts were developed on this topic. Twenty-eight participants (N=28) took an online survey referencing the blog posts to determine participants’ reactions to the information including their interest, level of agreement, prior knowledge, and if they would incorporate ideas from the post in their work with children. The result of the survey showed that a large percentage of the participants demonstrated interest in the topic and indicated that they would use the ideas in their work, while several participants also gave counter arguments to each of the topics.