Unlocking a Child's Full Potential by Addressing Developmental Stages

Psychologists and other child development experts state that the most crucial years in a child's development are the first five years. During this time, the infant not only grows in size, develops motor and linguistic skills, but most importantly develops cognitive skills. These skills are learned through interactions with people and the world that surrounds the child; these are crucial for a child's success in adulthood. The Child Development Institute (CDI) works with a population of children who have developmental disabilities. CDI works towards providing these children with the tools necessary to live to their best potential by offering workshops and educational programs. In addition, CDI offers free developmental screenings for children of the community. Unfortunately, the day to day visitors of CDI's Early Learning Center are not fully aware of this great resource that is provided to them. This proposed strategy will be an adaptation of CDI's CALM Baby Program; it will include an educational component regarding developmental stages. This strategy will provide take home activities for supporting each stage of a child's development and highlight the importance of periodic developmental screenings. CALM Baby will last four weeks, be conducted by CDI interns, and participants will obtain pre and post intervention questionnaires to assess their learning and intentions to obtain a screening. Additionally, CDI interns and staff will follow-up with participants, with the goal of setting up developmental screenings for their children. Through CDI's developmental screenings families will have the tools necessary to support the whole child in its growth.