Is Brexit Harmful to UK Maritime Policy?

The international community was shocked by the United Kingdom’s recent vote to secede from the European Union. Although the UK pondered the idea of leaving the EU for many years, the proposal became official on June 23rd, 2016. There is no doubt that the future implications of this decision remain unclear. Many British politicians warned the people of the United Kingdom of the challenges that a “yes” vote would present. To the contrary, some UK politicians promoted the high level of uncertainty regarding secession as a source of excitement and motivation. As the UK continues to negotiate with the EU, and other world partners, regarding the details of implementing the British-exit (Brexit) decision, many people question the effects that this will have on key policy areas. One key policy area is the UK’s maritime sector and industry. Understanding the effects of Brexit on maritime security, trade/shipping, marine environmental policy, and marine insurance provides for greater insight regarding the extreme vulnerability of the United Kingdom’s economic, national defense, and environmental interests.

GMA 400L - Senior Seminar Research Lab