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The process of recording a solo project alone... recording bass, guitar, drums, vocals, tracking and mixing without the assistance of outside session musicians

For this project, I am presenting 6 pieces of music, which I composed, arranged, recorded and mixed. This report is a detailed analysis of the process of completing these 6 works. I believe this process will benefit my understanding of working in a home studio and the finished product will serve as a demo for future home studio recording opportunities. The music presented in this report focuses on the heavy metal genre and its many sub genres. I chose this style of music for the rhythmic challenges it presents for both drumming and guitar playing, and also because I have worked in this genre for the past 20 years and have wanted to attempt to record my own solo project for quite some time. The principle instruments used on these recordings are drums, bass, guitar, percussion, vocals, keyboards and sound effects. All instruments were performed, arranged, recorded and mixed on my own. The following report is a summary of my experience writing and recording these 6 songs. Each chapter will cover a specific song from its inception to completion and will also include a brief history of the musical influence and origin. The undertaking of this project alone, without the assistance of outside session or studio musicians, was challenging. I hope this report will benefit composers who are interested in recording live music by themselves for two reasons whether they cannot afford the assistance of a session musician, or might just prefer to work alone - and that option is a viable one as home recording studios are quite common today.