A therapist's guide to self-help books : an annotated bibliography

The purpose of this project is to facilitate the selection of self-help books by members of the mental health profession. All of the books reviewed were selected to be used as an adjunct to therapy. Professionals in this field usually have insufficient time to review the barrage of potentially useful books available for their clients. Use of these reviews will sufficiently reduce the time required for selection of useful publications. Designed to be a quick and easy source of reference data, the guide topics are listed alphabetically, and there is a separate author list of all reviewed books. There are eleven different topic areas of client concern addressed in this project. They are: Abuse, Aging, Assertion and Self-Esteem, Death and Dying, Divorce, Homosexuality, Parenting, pregnancy, Self-Growth, Sexuality, and Singles. The reviews themselves include the title, author, publisher, date of publication, and number: of pages. Each review consists of two paragraphs. The first is an objective review consisting of the scope of each including any specific presentation approach, and the author's overall intent. The second paragraph is subjective with comments on technical level, reader age recommendation, and readability. There were many books reviewed before the final selections were decided upon. The authors of each selected book wrote about a subject that was important to them and that message comes across clearly in each case. They are written in many different styles, some are full of exercises, some have case studies, and some are poetry. What you as a professional can feel comfortable about is the fact that, as an adjunct to therapy, these books are warm, supportive, and sharing regardless of their style. There is, indeed, a great deal of compassion and understanding of each of the client situations.