Masters Thesis

Hypercholesterolemia treatment guidelines: a retrospective study of clinical practice

The purpose of this research study was to determine if selected patients in Kern County, California are being treated for their hypercholesterolemia in accordance wi th the NCEP ATP III clinical guidelines and to evaluate whether or not a gap exists between these recommended guidelines and actual clinical practice. The focus of the study was to examine the hypercholesterolemia treatment of patients with well documented elevated LDL-C levels and compare them to the current recommended NCEP ATP III recommended guidelines. A total of 645 patient ' s medical records were reviewed of which 125 were included in the study. This study confirmed a gap exists among the NCEP ATP III guidelines and clinical practice. No documentation was found as to why those patients who meet the requirements for the diagnosis of hypercholesterolemia were not receiving the recommended treatment per NCEP ATP III guidelines. The results of this study suggest that improvement is needed in hyperlipidemia management . Those patients with elevated LDL-C level, history of existing heart disease , diabetes or high risk factors are not being treated per the NCEP ATP III recommended guidelines. This is particularly profound for the patients in the high risk category.


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