Using Apps as an Effective Teaching Tool for Students with Autism and Special Needs

Abstract The use of Apps has become more of a common teaching tool for students with autism spectrum disorder and students with special needs. Current research has provided evidence that individuals on the autism spectrum often have relatively strong visual processing skills and a predilection towards electronic media. The use of technology has also proven effective in teaching almost all students with intellectual and developmental learning disabilities. The purpose of this project was to create curriculum for the use of Apps in the classroom to teach students with autism and special needs with accomplishing individualized learning goals on their IEP. The information provided from the project can also be utilized for parents of children with special needs, therapists, and caregivers. The lesson plans were specifically designed for students with autism and special needs. The intent was for this curriculum to be practically applied in the classroom setting and as valuable contribution to available curriculum for teaching students with autism and special needs through the use of Apps.