Capstone project

Comparative Soil Analysis Across Hot & Cold Spots of Pinus torreyana var insularis Reveals Significant Differences in Soil Characteristics on Santa Rosa Island, CA

The rare and endemic Torrey pine (Pinus torreyana var insularis) is distributed across the northwest coast of Santa Rosa Island in Channel Islands National Park, off the coast of Southern California. In 2014-2015, capstone students conducted a demographic survey of the Torrey Pines to determine their distribution and population structure, which my group and I repeated in 2018-2019. They also used the ArcGis hot spot analysis and spatial autocorrelation tools to delineate zones of high seedling and sapling recruitment, called hot spots, and zones of low seedling and sapling recruitment, called cold spots within the main grove (Hall and Brinkman 2015). To build on this, I compared the soil from hot spots to the soil from cold spots to determine whether or not there is a significant difference between them.


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