Masters Thesis

CFD Study of Non-Premixed Combustion in Array of Jets within Porous Media

Computational fluid dynamic simulations are performed at a systems level on a portable waste incinerator with actively forced, reacting jets through porous media. In total there are six jets with separate streams of fuel and oxidizer entering a porous region to induce a more profound mixing and reaction of the streams. The array of jets is intended to mimic industrial grade burners wherein regions of porous material are used in the manufacturing of the combustion device. Simulations are performed with the commercially available software, ANSYS-FLUENT. The jets are modeled as non-premixed, methane-air global undergoing one step reaction kinetics with interaction in porous media regions. The primary objective of the study is to ascertain the amount of heat release and the heat transfer characteristics of the overall system of jets and combustion chamber. The addition of porous media is to suppress the maximum flame temperature and to distribute the flame structure in a more controlled manner.

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