Capstone project

Diesel generator set

The objective of our senior design project was to aid in the development of an operational diesel generator that will be utilized as an education tool for the MET department. In order to accomplish this, it was our responsibility to couple a 3126B Caterpillar diesel engine to a 440 V Baylor generator, design and implement an instrumentation and monitoring system that will alarm upon engine anomalies, display all the necessary engine parameters, and allow the operator to easily control the engine, and provide a fuel supply system. Barring a few small exceptions, all three of these responsibilities were completed due to the tremendous time and effort put forth by the team. Several other projects, such as the cooling water and exhaust systems, were and still are being carried out by the faculty and outside contractors. As a result, the end product is yet to be seen. However, it can be seen that our efforts will soon come together with these ancillary projects to make a viable diesel generator that will be able to benefit the cadets of the California Maritime Academy for years to come.