Masters Thesis

Identification of bacterial genes known to be involved in antibiotic synthesis pathways

In order to further investigate the presence of these antibiotic biosynthetic pathways, this study focused on ten genes and the identification of genes that code for enzymes in these antifungal and antibacterial pathways; Flagellin (hag), Mucosubtilin synthetase B (mycB), Translocationdependent antimicrobial spore component (tasA), 4’-phsophopantetheinyl transferase (surfactin) (sfp, sfpA, and sfpAA), Subtilin (spaS1 and Spas2), Iturin A (ituA), and Subtilosin A (sboA) (Yang et al. 2015, Velho et al. 2013, Hassan et al. 2010, and Mora et al. 2011). I hypothesize that our 16 Bacillus samples will contain genes that are known to be involved in known antibiotic biosynthetic pathways.

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