Transformational Leadership Practices and their Effects on Motivation Amongst a Diverse Workforce

The public sector and the private sector have differences in motivation. The dynamics of diversity and inclusion affect this motivation, more so in the public sector than in the private sector. According to the literature, Transformational Leadership differs from traditional leadership styles in its effectiveness to motivate others. This research will be based at a local level. It will use the County of Los Angeles as a Case study, and will analyze Transformational leadership in its applicability to a culturally diverse workforce. The review of the literature will show that both the public and private sectors are comparable, as are the effects of transformational leadership on employees from each sector. The research of diversity management will show how different groups of individuals view certain policies and organizational cultures. Lastly, this research will document the experience of the diverse workers in the County of Los Angeles through interviews with questions relating to Transformational Leadership. The goal of the research is to explore a link between Transformational Leadership and motivating employees from different cultures, races, genders, and ages in the County of Los Angeles.