Understanding Female Genital Mutilation Experiences to Inform Future Health Practices

This study explored the pattern of Female Genital Mutilation and how it affects both those who have undergone the procedure and the healthcare professionals tending to them particularly in San Diego County. The participants were divided into two groups; the first one was six women who have undergone Female Genital Mutilation. The second group consisted of six healthcare professionals in San Diego County who tend to patients who have undergone the procedure. The researchers held interviews for both groups although the survey questions differ between the two groups. Each group was also required to sign consent before beginning the interview. The first aim of this research was to assess knowledge of FGM among health service providers in San Diego County. This was achieved by going to different hospitals and clinics and conducting surveys for some of the faculty and staff. This was detrimental to gauging the healthcare professional’s knowledge of Female Genital Mutilation. The second aim was to develop materials that are culturally competent, which can be used for clinical management training for healthcare professionals. In order to achieve this objective, the researchers created an informative booklet that provides: background information for Female Genital Mutilation, explains what the procedure is and the different forms of cutting, what areas are known to perform the procedures and lastly it has recommendations for training and advocacy. Results are discussed and separated in terms of information gathered, analyzed and interpreted from the interview questions of both the Female Genital Mutilation participants and the healthcare professionals