Masters Thesis

Quality manual guide for the fabrication of nuclear components

Nuclear Energy relies on the design and manufacturing of precision components and advanced materials to meet the extremely high standards of quality and safety. ASME Section III Subsection NCA, “Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility Components” sets forth requirements for the design, procurement, fabrication, inspection, and testing of these components. The implementation of an ASME Section III Subsection NCA quality assurance program in the manufacture of such components is mandated by government agencies, regulatory bodies, and nuclear power licenses. Quality assurance programs are to be documented in a manual that fully describes the systems used to meet stated mandates established by law. The objective of this thesis is to determine the need for a quality manual guide that addresses the requirements of ASME Section III Subsection NCA and helps quality professionals comprehend its implementation. The goal is to provide an understanding of the mandated processes and how to implement them.