Masters Thesis

A professional development workshop for teachers responsible for administering the FITNESSGRAM

This project focused on planning, organizing, and facilitating a professional development workshop for teachers from Northwest California who are responsible for administering the California state-mandated physical fitness tests to students in grades five, seven and nine. California adopted the FITNESSGRAM as the measurement instrument of specific physical fitness categories. Currently, teachers receive an abbreviated instruction manual which describes each test component, but most teachers had not received any training in the past ten years. There was a well recognized regional need to provide additional training in the use of the FITNESSGRAM. The history of physical fitness testing in California was presented as well as multi-year analysis of the most recent physical fitness results of Humboldt County students. Current issues surrounding the administration of components of the test were discussed. Additionally, the workshop presenters provided instruction in pedagogy, lessons, and curriculum to assist teachers in improving fitness scores of their students. Time was provided for participants to collaborate with other teachers who teach in similar grades and/or settings, such as elementary, secondary, and K-8 schools.