Design, Implementation and Effects of Academic Coaching on Academic Performance of Men's College Basketball Players at a Northern California University

ABSTRACT DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION AND EFFECTS OF ACADEMIC COACHING ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYERS AT A NORTHERN CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY by Lucas William Gabriel Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction Option California State University, Chico Spring 2011 As a former Division I college basketball player and current college basketball coach, I am well aware of the graduation rates of student-athletes. Student-athletes are recruited to campuses all over the country with the promise that if they perform for the college’s basketball team their education will be paid for, and they will be able earn a college degree. However, the promise of the opportunity to earn a college degree falls short if adequate academic support is not provided especially for first generation, low income, and/or at-risk student-athletes. The end result is low graduation rates student-athletes. As a result, I created a student-athlete study program which was comprised of tutoring, class monitoring, frequent meetings with players and professors, and additional support. This program was more than just “study hall,” which generally is not sufficient for academically unprepared students (as they are already behind and are not proficient at self-studying methods). The program I developed and the results of the program are described in Chapter III of my project. The project allowed me to make a difference for the student-athletes who I knew personally through athletics and who I worked with both academically and athletically on a day-to-day basis.