Graduate project

Solar utility system

The scarcity of electricity and the limited number of conventional energy resources are affecting the overall development of Nigeria. Renewable energy resources can meet the ever-increasing demand for electricity in urban and remote places in Nigeria. Solar energy is one of the excellent options for power generation. Solar energy is abundantly available and cost-efficient. The main aim of the project is to generate 5 kW of solar energy. The generated energy will power the lighting and cooling requirements for a clinic in Ozu Abam, Nigeria. The project provides a critical aspect of solar power plant design. The project includes a literature review and a survey of the existing technologies and the effects of external factors such as shading, soiling on the PV panels. Further, it explains the clinic load estimation, PV panel tilt angle calculations, effective insolation calculations, and the solar panel type required for the design. The selection of a fixed tilt angle of 5.33° for an entire year and the effective insolation of 684.02 W/m2 proved to accomplish the requirement of 5-kW power generation for the clinic usage.