Movie box: an Android application using REST interface

There are lot of movies available to watch and nowadays people prefer to watch movies at home rather than going to theatres. They don’t want to waste spending time and money on a worthless movie. So how are they going to figure out what’s good and what’s not-so-good? What if the Netflix recommendations aren’t working for them? The purpose of this app is to point the user in the direction of something worth checking out. The application that I have developed is an attempt to make use of all the latest technologies and integrate them into a useful app. This application allows users to discover the most popular movies, Top rated and Upcoming movies which are now running in theatres. After reading the synopsis and reviews, people get the flexibility to decide if they want to watch the movies or not. The project has been developed using different technologies Java, Android and SQLite and is integrated together with android libraries such as Picasso and Retrofit. The developed application is based on the data available in TMdb [The Movie DB API], but can also incorporate new data sources. This application uses REST interface to pull fresh content each time it opens from the database.