Understanding Parent Engagement and Involvement within their Child's School and Home

Parents’ engagement within their child’s education is an important factor for student success. Actively participating within the school and home increases student achievement. Primarily focusing on an elementary level school, this study analyzed parent engagement and participation within their child’s school and how it correlates to student achievement and success. This study utilized a quantitative research approach to understand parent engagement within schools and the home. The purpose of this study was to analyze parent engagement within their child’s education, specifically in the school while also looking at the amount of engagement within the home and if it correlates to student achievement. Findings collected from a survey were broken down and displayed using statistical data. This data illustrated and emphasized the amount of engagement and participation that was taking place within the school and the home. Findings suggest that parents are actively participating when they can but are often limited due to working or having other children within the home. The overall implications of this study point towards more effective communication and a more flexible volunteer schedule for utilization of parents at events and in the classrooms.