My art pieces are extensions of my personality and values. They reflect my philosophy on life; a philosophy which honors the timelessness of Nature’s beauty. Time itself cannot eclipse Nature’s wonders, and my purpose as an artist is to capture but a minuscule part of Nature’s incredible display of that beauty. With the knowledge that my greatest efforts to emulate Nature would not do justice to her, I proceeded to interpret Nature my way, and not to compete with her. Nature can, with effortless ease, elicit many of our senses. My pieces are only able to appeal to the eyes, the hands, and the heart. Incorporating into my work the feeling that Nature can arouse in all of us is imperative. Turning ideas into reality is exciting and rewarding. To be responsible for an art piece that can be enjoyed by all is extremely gratifying to me. But to achieve this state of mind requires much energy, creativity, confidence, and optimism. For the most part, the end result makes all this effort worth while. To help attain my stated goal I divided my work process into four main areas: Planning and Design, Fabric choice, Color, and Diemsion. Good planning at the beginning makes later problems easier to cope with. It is impractical to diarize on paper every color composition that the mind has conjured up. What the observer sees on paper at the planning stage deals more with the construction, dimension, and coherence between the small pieces of the whole work. The part which deals with the minute color, texture, and tonal harmony is safely stored in my memory, to be used according. (See more in text.)