Exploration of sustainable practices in Children's wear

Studies have noted that children's clothing industry poses great risks and problems due to the cyclical nature of fashion (Chen &Wei, 2012; Islam ,2017). This research is focused on the identification of materials and dyes used in production of child clothes, particularly those having direct skin contact for a substantial time. The purpose of this study was to investigate and explore further sustainable practices in refining children's wear safety, incorporating with the selection of auxiliary sustainable fabrics, application of both eco-and human-friendly dyes and mordant, evaluation of colorfastness before and after laundry and crocking. The study investigated health problems associated with selection of fabric for children's wear and also health problem associated with selection of dye and assisting agent in children's wear fabric. Therefore, research analyzed sustainable solutions for the problems and examined each of the solutions. The findings of the study should influence health awareness related to textile/apparel industry, government, child care professionals, and health care workers, as well as minimize textile-related health hazards to children, their families and communities.

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