Masters Thesis

Reciprocal Teaching: A New Equation for the Modern Math Teacher

The research case study presented aims to determine if the perceptions of students and teachers on a flipped mathematics classroom support student success. For a flipped classroom model, teachers assign lectures for students to watch as homework and complete other activities while in class. This model, as the research suggests, gives students more time in class to complete problems with the teacher rather than have the teacher use class time for lectures. This study focuses on math classrooms in which the teachers flipped the classroom. This study utilized a quantitative case study, which included the collection of surveys from both students and teachers within this model of teaching. This study was conducted at a comprehensive high school and looked at the classrooms of Integrated Math 2 teachers. The data collected were coded and organized based on the perceptions given by the teachers and students. Direct quotations from both teachers and students were used as evidence for the study. This study pointed to the implication of a flipped classroom model engaging students more in the content because there was more time for the teacher to be discussing with them rather than talking at them during lectures. This study answered the question of: In what ways do teacher and student perceptions of a flipped math classroom support student success?

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