Using Promethean Technology to Meet the Needs of Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities

Technology has changed the way that educators are able to present curriculum to students across grade levels and throughout the educational landscape. Advancements in technology have given special education teachers new ways to present material that meets kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners specific needs at the same time. This project looked at how Promethean technology can be used in order to support students with moderate/severe needs. Specific interactive Promethean flipcharts were designed that correlate to four students IEP goals. In addition, an instructional manual was developed by the researcher in order to assist and encourage other special education teachers to begin developing Promethean flipcharts for their specific students. When utilized correctly Promethean technology gives educators the ability to develop and individualize digital curriculum and present it to students on a large interactive whiteboard (ActivBoard). As research has shown, the use of interactive whiteboards can drastically increase student engagement, performance, and participation.