Masters Thesis

An analysis of vehicles and highways as an alternative to the California High-Speed Rail

This paper analyzed the validity and viability of passenger vehicles and highways as an alternative means to the California High-Speed Rail. Each system was analyzed under four basic criteria: Cost, Utilization, Economic Impact, and Environmental Impact. It is concluded that due to shortfalls in revenue and concerns over transportation trends that California policymakers divest from the High-Speed Rail. Instead focusing their attention and resources on transportation needs that the people of California actually use in their daily commute. With advent of new car technologies the advantages High-Speed Rail offers in the areas of safety and speed may be lessened by the time High-Speed Rail is operable. It is recommended that California policymakers invest in the repair and expansion of Highway Infrastructure instead of continuing the construction of the High-Speed Rail. It is further recommended that policymakers seek out new revenue to fund Highway Infrastructure by implementing some form of Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT).

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