Graduate project

Deaf-blind multi-handicapped parent participation group

Statement of Need. As a result of a study of multi-handicapped, deaf-blind parent programs in California, conducted by Lonna Anderson in 1970, it was discovered that there were no formalized programs for the education of parents of deaf-blind multiply-handicapped children. Mrs. Anderson wrote and had funded, a proposal entitled "Multi-handicapped Deaf-Blind Parent Participation Group," under E.S.E.A., Title VI Section C. Prior to this there were no formalized programs for the parents of deaf multi-handicapped and deaf-blind children in operation. On the main, this has been left to the classroom teachers of the children and is normally considered a portion of� the teacher-parent conference which are periodically scheduled. There was little or no interaction between parents sharing mutual problems in the education and growth of their children. Many writings have been devoted to the need for parent education for the parents of singularly-handicapped children, but little attention has been devoted to the education of the parent of the multi-handicapped child. The one program, currently in existence, has not received sufficient exposure to assist others who are interested in starting similar programs. As in many areas where this occurs, each person or group of persons must begin again although successful programs are in existence which could function as guide lines. There, then, is a need to prepare an audio-visual presentation of the existing program to assist others who are searching for a method of broadening parent education for parents of deaf-blind multi-handicapped children.