Turing Machine Simulator and its Underlying Mechanism

Turing machines(TMs) are mathematical models of computation that define abstract machines. Because of their simplicity and consistency, they are amenable to mathematical analysis. These hypothetical machines are intended to help explore the concept of what it meant to be computable. These models form the foundation of theoretical computer science. A lot of theoretical computer science has been beard on TMs, and so a lot of the primary results are in the language of Turing machines. It’s essential for computer science students to build up a strong foundation of computer science by understanding theoretical models behind this field. Nowadays, Universities provide computer science education usually offers one or two classes to introduce Turing Machine. However, studying Turing Machine without a useful visual tool can be a little bit less intuitive. In this thesis, a Turing Machine simulator was created. Also, a universal Turing machine was proposed to show how a simulator works at a lower level.