Graduate project

City of Menifee - Business Attraction Analysis - Adv. Man.

Knowledge is knowing oneself and the environment. Understanding is realizing the intricacies of one’s interaction with the environment, and assessing strengths and weaknesses in the face of opportunities and threats. Wisdom is actively working to correct deficiencies and capitalize strengths to exploit avenues for growth and thrive in competition. Menifee knows itself well and understands the need to diversify the pillars of its economic development. Now the city seeks to demonstrate wisdom by exploring various industries and creating a suite of tools it can use in attracting and growing successful businesses to live up to its vision of being “New. Better. Best.” This report considers the industry of advanced manufacturing, specifically the Navigational Instrument Manufacturing subindustry (NIMS) defined by the North American Industry Classification System, as a novel candidate for pursuit by the city.