The academic, social and emotional effects of a dual immersion program on the goals of two middle school English language learners

Over the years there has always been a long standing debate in America over which is the best way to educate students who come to school speaking a language other than English. Many Programs have been employed to assist in meeting these students' needs with one of those programs being Dual Immersion, which is the focus ofthis study. This presents a comparative case study; "The Academic, Social and Emotional Effects of a Dual Immersion Program on the Goals of Two Middle School English Language Learners." Student X will be compared to Student Yin three domains. The first will refer to their grades. This area provides me with the standard measurements of students' successes and or deficiencies. The second will be a checklist to determine the efficiency of the delivery of the SlOP based lessons. The third domain is based on an interview questionnaire. The questionnaire provided essential information on how the students understand the material covered in Mr. Z's class based on the delivery of the lessons or strategies implemented by the teacher and their support at home. This comparative case study highlights essential data, which can serve as a resource and reference for educators who work with students acquiring a second language. KEYWORDS: Achievement Gap, CST, CELDT, Dual Immersion, English Learner, NCLB, SlOP Model