Developing community awareness: human trafficking in San Joaquin County

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal activity in the United States (U. S. Department of State, 2014). The majority of victims of human trafficking globally originate from the United States. In the Unites States, California leads in economic growth and job creation. This strong economy makes California’s businesses, communities and people’s targets for transnational organized crime (Harris, 2014). Nationally, California has become the leader in regards to the import and export of narcotics, weapons and human trafficking. Los Angeles is one of the main points of entry into the United States for victims of sex trafficking and San Francisco is among the cities that are experiencing an increase in the number of sex trafficking cases (retrieved from, 2006). San Joaquin County is centrally located along this critical corridor that traffickers use to transport women across California. This project was developed in response to the above statistics in order to increase awareness and education among the general public of San Joaquin County in regards to the growing problem of human trafficking. This population includes high school aged students, parents, non-profit organizations, educators, government employees, and community members.