Graduate project

"A survey on the administrative process of computer utilization in the education of the deaf"

The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of computer technology in the elementary and secondary educational programs for the deaf. The study was intentionally designed to increase the writer's awareness by reviewing both non-related and related subjects and surveying a limited number of schools providing services to the deaf students. His inquiry pertained with how the advent of computer technology along with the information deluge had .affected or impacted both the administrators and their school structures in general areas of concern such as� (1) the administrative "technophobia", (2) the administrative process for instructional and office planning, (3) the instructional process for curriculum planning, and (4) the functions of administrative and instructional computerization. The writer's hypothesis for this study was that the administrative process of computer utilization in the education of the deaf was assumed not to be accomplished. The questionnaire was not intended for intensive statistical analysis but was merely designed to monitor the perceptions by the administrators, who were in charge of using computer technology in education and organizational management. The questionnaire was sent to each school and special educational services agencies in the West region of the United States with 46% responding. A majority of respondents were superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, directors of special education services, and coordinators. The survey results were not what the writer had expected, therefore, his hypothesis was found to be invalid.