CAI for B-trees algorithms

This report presents a prototype CAI (Computer-Aided-Instruction) package for B-trees algorithms (BTAP) that simulates a walkthrough of B-trees algorithms using graphic animation. The BTAP package includes four lessons. They are: retrieval, insertion, deletion, and drill. The report first reviews the history, the types, the advantages/disadvantages, and the effectiveness of CAI. It then examines CAI for computer science such as CAI on programming and CAI on algorithms. The properties and advantages of B-trees algorithms are also discussed. Next, the walkthrough insertion lesson describes four sub-lessons in each lesson from the user's standpoint. Four sub-lessons are: introduction, tutor, simulation/drill, and conclusion. The internal design of the program describes the BTAP package from the programmer’s standpoint. Finally, critiques and future enhancements are presented.

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