Masters Thesis

Multi-level impact of electronic records for California children's services: implementing a paperless system which meets HIPPA requirements

There is an average of 6500 active cases which California Children’s Services (CCS) case manages for medical processing. CCS continues to use traditional paper charts and there is no tracking system to show which one of the over 50 staff members may have the chart or if the chart has been filed in the chart room. On a daily basis CCS may receive at least 125 faxes requesting medical authorizations ranging from procedures, medication or equipment. There are four Office Services Technicians who process all faxes, locate the paper chart and forward to the correct staff for review. The current system of receiving and processing faxes often causes delays in processing as the charts cannot be found. In addition, CCS spends 42% of their yearly office supply allocated budget on paper and toner. CCS has acknowledges the need to transition into a paperless system is important and has spent over $76,000 towards implementation but has fallen short of completing the transition. After reviewing literature regarding implementation of a paperless system, expenses which CCS has incurred and estimating cost of office supplies as well as staff loss of productivity it is recommended CCS immediately restore implementation process of transitioning from the current paper chart to a paperless system.

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