Fiber : personal and public

I have two bodies of work. The larger number of pieces, created as commissions for architectural spaces, have been titled “PUBLIC” works. When I create these designs, my philosophical approach is to present work that will be harmonious to the function of the environment, and enhance the comfort of the viewers. The word “PRIVATE” relates to two free-standing sculptures, organic in nature and highly personal in iconography. These are concerned with visceral longings, filling the spaces inside of me, and the mystery of those things yet to be explored. My forms derive from an early love of pure sculptural shapes created by Arp, Brancusi and Noguchi. As my own weaving has moved from rectilinear loom-woven pieces to implicit welded forms, I bridge the gap between 2D and 3D forms. Artists such as Frank Stella, Tom Holland and Kenith Noland, in the 1970's moved away from the rectangular canvas toward a shaped canvas. Stella's art increasingly became 3D in relief, thus being placed between painting and sculpture. (See more in text.)