Capstone project

Motorcycle suspension

The following report details the process of engineering design. This process begins with an idea and develops it into a viable product. In this case, the idea was to develop a front motorcycle suspension which implemented variable damping characteristics that could be adjusted while the vehicle is in motion. The variable damping characteristics of our system was accomplished using a circuit to control the position of a servomotor. This motor turned a plate inside the shock absorber, changing the number of orifices open for the passage of fluid. The damping force created by our system is best represented by a 'dashpot' . This type of system is often modeled as 'mass-spring-damper' in engineering to model a wide range of physics problems. Our system utilizes a further developed 'dashpot' model with the addition of variable characteristics in compression and rebound. The design process was accomplished by following a set order of tasks, which consisted of requirements, geometrical constraints, creating preliminary designs and later developing the design into an actual prototype. The body of this report is dedicated to the step by step process utilized by the design industry to produce a viable product.