Traffic Congestion in California: Implementation of Congestion Pricing in Los Angeles County as an Effective Traffic-Reducing Strategy

Traffic congestion is an issue that many metropolitan cities face. Amongst a number of different strategies to help mitigate the problem, the use of congestion pricing is one strategy that has shown to be successful according to the literature. This research study proposes to evaluate the feasibility of implementing a congestion pricing strategy in Los Angeles County. As a car-dependent city with some of the worst traffic congestion in the country, it is crucial that future transportation legislation in Los Angeles take into consideration the use of congestion pricing as a traffic-reducing strategy. However, without public and political support, implementing such a strategy could be a significant challenge. This proposed study intends to shed light on how the public perceives the implementation of congestion pricing, how marketing strategies may manipulate the public's perspective, and how the public's response may impact policymakers when it comes time to roll out new transportation legislation.

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