Let's talk about sex education and perceptions based on sexual orientation/gender identity

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine how sexual orientation/gender identity related to perceptions of school-based sex education in high school within the United States. Methods: Researcher conducted and online survey questionnaire that contained sixty-nine questions that measured perceptions of sex education within public high schools in the United States, and opinions about school-based sex education. Results: The study consisted of 111 participants, with participants identifying as Heterosexual adults (n=87), and LGBQ (n=24). The study intended to also look into gender identity with Woman (n=103), Man (n=7), and Non-binary (n=1). Discussion: School-based sex education in high schools in the United States has shown to be inadequate for both Heterosexual adults and LGB adults. Sex education further excludes content of LGBQ people, which further stigmatizes Queer identities. These results can help aid how sex education can improve in the United States to further educate students regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.