What is the connection between higher women representation in US Politics and addressing policies affecting women?

Equality for women representation has long been an issue in the United States. It is incredible that today in 2020 there is still real concern that Congress may regain control over what women can do with their own bodies. The purpose of this study is to examine the connection between increased representation for women in US politics and the affect it has on policies regarding issues that primarily affect women. The study will be used to investigate the connection between the rise of women in US politics and the increase of women centered policy. By analyzing the data demonstrating the increase of women elected and participating in US politics, this study helped demonstrate that there is a significant connection between the two. The study showed how an increase of women in US politics lead to the increase in policies such as maternity leave, abortion and sexual harassment. The analyzed data was from the 1992 to 2019. The increase of women in politics played a huge role in the increase of policies addressing issues that mainly affect women's lives. This study answers the question between correlation regarding women participation in US politics and policies affecting women. Women are still not close to achieving equal representation but are closer than ever before. We shouldn't forget the things that women have fought for, for so long women


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