Music Therapy Treatment with Mental Disorders

This study is so important because of the rapid rise in the use of Music Therapy to this assist those with certain mental disorders. This research was prompted by findings in our original research which spoke of cases where the success wasn't as evident as in others. Such questions as whether the gains made remained or not made us curious to find out more about this form of treatment. Our study now, is to investigate the successes, find what accounted for those successes, while looking at the cases that yielded less than satisfactory results, and find out what accounts for those failures. Ultimately, we would like our study to contribute to the understanding and use of music therapy as a form of treatment for mental illnesses. Our method primarily of a literature review of current accounts by practitioners, educators who have devoted their careers to this form of treatment, rather than the view of their clients, who are a vulnerable population. We will be using secondary data for this study. After presenting the results of our study, we will follow with a discussion.