Masters Thesis

Community agencies for people with disabilities: Bakersfield and Antelope Valley area

The purpose of this project was to research all of the community agencies in Bakersfield and Antelope Valley and create an agency guide. The guide will contain agency contact information, a description of the agency, the resources the agency provides, and for whom the agency provides services for. Currently, many families rely on the Internet or word of mouth to get in contact with agencies. This can be inconvenient, since not all the agencies have websites, and parents may not know exactly for whom or what to search for. The guide will be available to anyone that searches for an agency. This will help provide parents, educators, and whoever else is in need of community agencies a quicker and easier solution to finding the appropriate agency. Having all of this information in one place will be more convenient for parents and educators, and will help ensure that more students receive the help and assistance they need.

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