An evaluation of a multiphasic health screening for senior citizens

A multiphasic health screening clinic for the elderly, sponsored by the affiliated committees on aging of Los Angeles, the West District Department of Health services and the West Los Angeles department and the West Los Angeles Community college-Community services, was held at the West District Health Centre in Santa Monica on October 13 and 14, 1973. Although a voluntary effort funded through donations, the clinic was able provide a physical examination as well as urinalysis, hematocrit, tonometry, audiometry, electrocardiogram, x-ray, and blood pressure reading for 244 senior citizens. In addition, females received a pap smear and males a prostate examination. The clinic had a two-fold purpose: (1) to screen 200-250 seniors for possible presymptomatic disease conditions and to provide entry into the local health care system if diagnosis and treatment were warranted, (2) to demonstrate the need for permanent services to fulfill these needs on an ongoing basis. (See more in text.)