CB1 Receptor Antagonist AM-251: Effect on Spatial Memory in Male Mice

ABSTRACT CB1 RECEPTOR ANTAGONIST AM-251: EFFECT ON SPATIAL MEMORY IN MALE MICE by Brannon Micheal Green Master of Arts in Psychology Psychological Science Option California State University, Chico Summer 2009 The current study investigated the effect of the endocannabinoid system on spatial memory in mice. We hypothesized that a cannabinoid antagonist would have a negative impact on spatial memory retrieval and reacquisition by interrupting normal cannabinoid activity associated with these spatial memory functions. C57BL/6 male mice were brought to criterion on the Morris Water Maze and acutely treated with either the antagonist or vehicle, and were retested on the Morris Water Maze to assess retrieval. Half of these mice were then chronically treated with the antagonist, vehicle or saline. Latency times on the Morris Water Maze were compared over 10 days to evaluate the effect on memory reacquisition. The cannabinoid antagonist had a small, but statistically significant, negative impact on retrieval, although it did not significantly affect reacquisition. vi