Impact of Different Acculturation Experiences on First Generation Latino Youth Educational Attainment

The purpose of this study is to examine how negative acculturation experiences such as psychological, environmental, acculturation barriers affect educational attainment among Latino youth. This study will seek to answer how acculturation issues affect educational attainment among high school Latino youth. The role of acculturation among Latino youth forms part of their development as they attempt to gain autonomy. The pressure to sustain cultural expectations leads Latino youth to encounter interpersonal challenges when attempting to sustain familial expectations and integrate into society. The process of acculturation affects the family as a whole. Parents of Latino youth are having difficulty with their parenting skills when they experience negative acculturation. Furthermore, their aversive parenting skills can cause a rift between them and their children, which then distracts their children from school activities. It must be noted however, this study focused on families who were also facing low economic status that can provide alternative reasons for a deterioration of parenting skills and their child's educational attainment.