Technology and education

The purpose of this study was to investigate modifications administrators and teachers must make to promote effective and efficient technology use. This study researches one suburban middle school in order to discover ways to help improve the technology implementation on that campus. Qualitative data were collected through individual interviews with the principal, school counselor, Information Technologist, and three teachers. Principals must make certain they execute their designated leadership role and create a sense of direction for the school. Their campuses should have an atmosphere of high expectations for all teachers as well as support staff. The findings in this study revealed many similarities in the participants' responses. Elements important to the technology related changes on this campus include: administrative support and involvement, Information Technologist communication and interaction with teachers and staff, and opportunities for experimentation of technology use by teachers and students. The data revealed that teacher collaboration and school wide teamwork are key for promoting motivation and initiative. KEYWORDS: I.Technology and Education 2. Internet Communication 3. Networking 4. World Wide Web and Education