MSW virtual community of practice and collaboration: protective factors to better cope with compassion fatigue

This graduate project was created from identified needs of students from a Masters of Social Work (MSW) program at California State University at Stanislaus. Unmet student needs stemming from time demands and multiple life and work obligations led to the creation of a virtual community of practice and collaboration: This community is a place where students and alumni will meet asynchronously while still benefitting from a built-in peer support community to function as an adaptive response to compassion fatigue. It is crucial that social work students have the tools, opportunities, and support required to do their best out in the field and in the classroom. The virtual community of practice and collaboration will feature student and alumni-run forums with such varied topics as wellness, social work research, and community resources and events in one collective space online. As social work students and future practitioners, it is vital that we acknowledge the strength that we find in each other. We are stronger and can affect more positive change through shared and collaborative efforts in our ongoing quest for social justice.