Study Of All Fiber Optic Current Transducer In Optical Transmission System And Evaluation Of Performance On Optisystem

Optical fiber finds its application in almost all fields and even dominant in few because of the numerous advantages offered by them. One important area of fiber optics applications used in industry is fiber optic sensors. As there exists distortion in the results obtained from a conventional current and voltage sensors due to the electromagnetic interference, there is need for sensor immune to these effects for having the proper results. Thus fiber optic sensors play a vital role as they are practically immune to external magnetic fields and currents. This project discussed in detail All Fiber Optic Current Transducer (AFOCT) modulation technique. Interferometric detection scheme have been explained which forms the base of AFOCT. A practical Sagnac Interferometer is explained to have a better understanding of the project. Depending on AFOCT working principle a simulation structure is developed using the software of optisystem 10. All the main components of the simulation structure are described thoroughly with analysis of their results. Using the direct detection structure, different signal performance was simulated. Signals were analyzed & processed using optisystem and the feasibility of the design has been validated.