Please Open the Curtains

"Please Open the Curtains" is an exploration of a young killer's psyche and the effects that teenage murder has on a small community and an already broken family. From a mixture of self-hatred, internalized homophobia and homicidal ideation, a young teen girl is overwhelmed with the darker side of her mind and gets lost in it until one day, the beginning of our story, she just gives up any sense of control. She realizes this is all supposed to happen, as it has happened before. She feels powerless and victim to a fate that does not need to be hers. The Catholic guilt ridden teen falls prey to thoughts of her soul in eternal flames and to suicidal ideation. "Please Open the Curtains" is an homage to the great Sarah Kane who was a partial inspiration for the protagonist Fidelia Webber, who is a tragic playwright who ends up taking her own life. Characters inspired from real life and from concepts associated with Buddhism like karma and reincarnation.

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