Factors that contribute to parental involvement of Latino parents in a title 1 elementary school

The purpose of this study was to analyze the factors that contribute to the involvement of Latino parents in a Title I elementary school. The participants were thirteen Latino parents from Mexican origins that resided in Southern California. They answered a cross-sectional survey that focused on their experiences, perceptions, and attitudes on parental participation. After the data was collected and analyzed a clearer picture of Latino parent participation was painted through the demographic information and consistent trends started to surface. The common themes that emerged from this research were that parents with more education and income participated more in school and their child's education. Marital status, lack of time, and childcare were contributors or barriers to parent participation. Language was not a barrier that hindered parent involvement at this school. There was immense lack of male participation, technology literacy, and a high desire from the parents to learn computer skills and English. Overall, there was an incredible need for more research on Latino parental participation in order to meet the growing needs of this underserved population. Keywords: parental involvement, parental participation, Latino parents