The Process of Mentoring Iranian American Youth to Become Global Citizens: A Qualitative Approach

This study was designed to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges that Iranian American Youth face in becoming global citizens. in order to pave the way for the younger generation the researcher studied the strategies taken by the older generations of Iranian American women who are global citizens to transfer the knowledge to the younger generations who are still missing a sense of purpose in finding their place in the United States like their mothers and grandmothers. This study aimed to: (a) discuss how mentors and mentees define the concept of global citizenship and those elements that lead to the success of older generations of Iranian American women including their goals as well as characteristics that lead them to become global citizens; (b) explore approaches sought by them, over time, in order to overcome social, economic, and cultural obstacles, and (c) discover and provide the knowledge that is left unexplained to the Iranian American younger generations for achieving similar roles as global citizens.


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